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UEL Association of Canada – Governor Simcoe Branch (Virtual): October 2022 Meeting

October 5, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

“The Price Of Loyalty” — Presentation by Gail Copeland

I am pleased to be able to share my writing journey with you. My fourth great-grandfather was a United Empire Loyalist who left New Jersey at the age of fifteen, along with his older brother, to find land in what is now Thorold, Ontario. I’d like to tell you about the real-life people whose story inspired me to delve deeper. I am an avid genealogist and when I couldn’t find enough facts about what happened to these two boys, I set out to write about what might have been. I spent a couple of years researching and when I could finally visualize everything in my mind, I was ready. Please join me in learning about how it started, who my characters are in real life, why they had to leave the only home they’d ever known, the hardships many of our ancestors would have endured just getting to the British Colonies and the difficulties they found once they arrived. I’ll also talk about my self-publishing journey and how it ultimately got me to this point. Finally, I’ll let you know about the sequel I’m working on which continues during the War of 1812. I’d highly recommend reading the Price of Loyalty before the presentation so I won’t be giving anything away should you decide to read it later! The eBook and soft cover books are available through

Gail Copeland was born and raised in Ontario. She graduated from Ryerson University with an English Major. While not a huge fan of history in school. As an adult she found a passion for uncovering her family roots. Her 4th great-grandfather was a United Empire Loyalist. He left New Jersey, at the age of fifteen, to tramp through the wilderness in search of A new home is what is n ow known as Thorold, Ontario. This could be his story and will appeal to anyone wanting to know more about life in the late 1700’s. Having two sons of her own, Gail found it hard to imagine any mother being forced to send her teenaged boys into the forest alone and not see them for two years.


October 5, 2022
7:30 pm