Reading and Remembrance

History of Canada’s involvement in the World Wars.

In 2009, The Ontario Historical Society partnered with the Reading and Remembrance Programme to offer important education material for students across Ontario. Available in both French and English are lesson plans and curriculum that can be used in many grades and classrooms teaching youth about the history of Canada’s involvement in the World Wars. To learn more about Reading and Remembrance, please “Getting the Most”, an article which originally appeared in School Libraries in Canada.

All of the material is online and can be accessed, downloaded, and printed from Each year has its own theme:

  • 2005: In Flanders Fields
  • 2006: Anti-Racism and Holocaust Education
  • 2007: Women and War
  • 2008: The Art of Dissent
  • 2009: Medals and Memories
  • 2010: Homeland Stories
  • 2011: Peacekeeping and Peacemaking​
  • 2012: 1812 to 2012, The Past Matters!