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Ontario History is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that is published bi-annually by the Ontario Historical Society. Ontario’s premier history journal, it discusses a wide variety of topics relating to our province’s past.

In 1899, the Ontario Historical Society (OHS) published the first issue of Ontario History, then titled Papers and Records. What began primarily as an effort to preserve important documentary sources has evolved over the past century to become today’s scholarly peer journal, publishing new research and scholarship on topics related to all aspects of Ontario’s diverse heritage. To read more about that evolution, click here.

Ontario History is indexed in the Canadian Periodical Index, Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.

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Editor, Ontario History
Dr. Tory Tronrud (foxlort@tbaytel.net)

Book Review Editor, Ontario History
Dr. Alison Norman

Editorial Advisory Committee:
Jeanne Beck, Dundas
Jan Noel, Toronto
Carmela Patrias, St. Catharines
Cynthia Comacchio, Waterloo

Ian Radforth, Toronto
Laurie Leclair, Toronto
Randall White, Toronto
Don Macleod, Toronto
Brad E.S. Rudachyk, Barrie

The OHS acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.

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Recent Issue Previews

The newest issue of Ontario History is now available. Autumn 2019 includes four new peer-reviewed articles and 11 book reviews:

  • The Murder of Captain William Francis: An Incident in the War of 1812 by Charles Garrad (pp. 127-151)
  • Recreation on Toronto Island, the Peoples’ Resort, 1793-1910 by David Bain (pp. 153-180)
  • “Some Heraldic Propriety of Composition”: Solving the Mystery of the Origin and History of the Armorial Achievement of the County of Wellington, Ontario by Jonathan S. Lofft (pp. 181-194)
  • The Cooperative Memorial & Removal Services vs. The Ontario Board of Funeral Services: How A Memorial Society Changed Ontario’s Funeral Industry by Eleanor Dolores Dickey (pp. 195-211)
Ontario History Spring 2019 Cover

The Spring 2019 issue of Ontario History includes five new peer-reviewed articles and eleven book reviews:

  • Assembling Victory: Defense Industries Limited, Ajax, 1941-1945 by Lisa Tubb (pp. 1-18)
  • “Chief of this River”: Zhaawni-binesi and the Chenail Ecarté Lands by Rick Fehr, Janet Macbeth, and Summer Sands Macbeth (pp. 19-35)
  • British-Canada’s Land Purchases, 1783-1788: A Strategic Perspective by Gwen Reimer (pp. 36-72)
  • A Place Called Bowles’s: In Search of a Historic Site from the War of 1812 by Guy St-Denis (pp. 73-79)
  • Major John Richardson: Canadian Patriot and Literary Nationalist by Alan James Finlayson (pp. 80-95)

Autumn 2018 includes five new peer-reviewed articles and eleven book reviews:

  • Emerging from the Shadows: Recognizing John Norton by Alan James Finlayson (pp. 135-151)
  • Toronto’s Cartographic Birth Certificate: Hiding in Plain Sight for 350 Years by Rick Laprairie (pp. 152-175)
  • Voices of Youth in Wartime: Students at Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School during the Second World War by Sara Karn (pp. 176-196)
  • Antiquarians and Avocationals from Upper Canada to Ontario by William Fox, Conrad Heidenreich and James Hunter (pp. 197-209)
  • The Free School Triumph in London, Canada West, 1840 to 1852: An Urban First by Michael Francis Murphy (pp. 210-229)

Spring 2018 includes five new peer-reviewed articles and twelve book reviews:

  • A Final Utterance: The Last Words of Sir Isaac Brock by Guy St-Denis (pp. 1-8)
  • The World of Jules Robinet: Pioneer Winemaker by Jack Cecillon (pp.9-34)
  • Dismemberment at Windmill Point: Violence, Manliness, and The Irish in Upper Canada by Jane McGaughey (pp. 35-58)
  • Building the Burlington Bay Canal: The Staples Thesis and Harbour Development in Upper Canada, 1823-1854 by Rod Millard (pp. 59-87)
  • The Social Geography of Diphtheria Mortality in Hamilton by Heather T. Battles and Bobbie-Leigh Jones (p. 88-107)

The Autumn 2017 issue of Ontario History includes four new peer-reviewed articles, one comment, and eleven book reviews:

  • Alex Grant and the Big Ditch: Building the Welland Ship Canal by Roberta M. Styran and Robert R. Taylor (pp. 167-183)
  • “The place is a prison, and you can’t change it”: Rehabilitation, Retraining, and Soldiers’ Re-Establishment at Speedwell Military Hospital, Guelph, 1911-1921 by Brook Durham (pp. 184-212)
  • ‘Free from all possibility of historical error’: Orillia’s Champlain Monument, French-English Relations, and Indigenous (Mis)Representations in Commemorative Sculpture by Michael D. Stevenson (pp. 213-237)
  • Sharing the Land at Moose Factory in 1763 by John D. Long, Richard J. Preston, Katrina Srigley, & Lorraine Sutherland (pp. 238-262)
  • What Evil Felled the Duke? A Followup by Hugh Whitney (p. 290)

The Spring 2017 issue of Ontario History includes five new peer-reviewed articles, one archival source, and ten book reviews:

  • Cows, Sheep & Scots: Livestock and Immigrant Strategies in Rural Upper Canada, 1814-1851 by Elizabeth Ritchie (pp. 1-26)
  • “Justice was Refused Me, I Resolved to Free Myself:” John W. Lindsay. Finding Elements of American Freedoms in British Canada, 1805-1876 by Dann J. Broyld (pp. 27-59)
  • Environmental Coalitions and the Limits of Science: Wilderness Advocacy in Ontario during the 1970s by George Warecki (pp. 60-88)
  • Joseph Alphonse Valin: Ontario Francophone Judge, 1895 by Nestor Prisco (pp. 89-106)
  • Social Networks and the 1912 Commemoration of the “Brock Centenary” by Peter W. Holdsworth (pp. 107-131)
  • “Good hands out to good homes”: A File in the Graeme Patterson Fonds at the Trinity College Archives by Sylvia Lassam and Ben Fickling (pp. 132-138)

The Autumn 2016 issue of Ontario History includes five new peer-reviewed articles and twelve book reviews:

  • “A journey undertaken under peculiar circumstances.” The Perilous Escape of William Lyon Mackenzie. December 7 to 11, 1837 by Christopher Raible (pp. 131-155)
  • Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: The Lord Nelson Case by Gary M. Gibson (pp. 156-188)
  • Contesting the Protestant Consensus: Voluntarists, Methodists, and the Persistence of Evangelical Dissent in Upper Canada, 1829-1854 by James Forbes (pp. 189-214)
  • Useful Ornaments: Form and Function at Demill Ladies’ College by Laura Suchan (pp. 215-232)
  • At Work in Meadowvale Village by Thomas F. McIlwraith (pp. 233-254)

The Spring 2016 issue of Ontario History includes six new peer-reviewed articles and eleven book reviews:

  • The Ballygiblins: British Emigration Policy, Irish Violence, and Immigrant Reception in Upper Canada by Laura J. Smith (pp. 1-23)
  • A Century of Snatching: Grave Robbing in Kingston, Ontario by Scott Belyea (pp. 24-42)
  • The Ontario Veterinary College and the Establishment of the University of Guelph by Kevin Woodger and Elizabeth A. Stone (pp. 43-63)
  • The Making of a Conservationist: J.R. Dymond and His Environments, 1887-1932 by George Warecki (pp. 64-91)
  • The Myth of Mary Mink: Representation of Black Women in Toronto in the Nineteenth Century by Guylaine Petrin (pp. 92-110)
  • “The varieties and unsettled habits of this new land”: Examining Family Strategies in Upper Canada through the Journals of Mary O’Brien by Erin Elizabeth Schuurs (pp. 111-125)

The Autumn 2015 issue of Ontario History includes five new peer-reviewed articles and eight book reviews:

  • The Route and Purpose of Champlain’s Journey to Petun in 1616 by Charles Garrad (pp. 159-178)
  • The “Statistically Average” Early Haliburton Farm: A Case Study from the Kennaway Settlement by Christopher S. Martinello (pp. 179-197)
  • Kingston Hospital: a Community Hospital in Upper Canada in mid Nineteenth Century by James A. Low (pp. 198-212)
  • George A. Drew’s Anti-Communist Tour of the USSR and the campaign for coalition government in Ontario, 1937 by Kirk Niergarth (pp. 213-239)
  • “We were having a lot of fun at the photographers”: Hellmuth Ladies’ College Students in Photographs, London, Ontario, 1885-1891 by Amy Bell (pp. 240-261)

The newest issue of Ontario History is now available, a special issue on Women and Education. The issue contains the following scholarly work:

  • Introduction by Rose Fine-Meyer
  • Six Nations Women Teachers at Grand River in the early Twentieth Century by Alison Norman
  • Re-Educating Ontario Women for the Modern Energy Regime, 1900-1940 by R.W. Sandwell
  • In Searth of Ruth Home: The Untold History of Museum Education at the Royal Ontario Museum by Kate Zankowicz
  • Cooperative Education at the Day School on Dalles 38C Indian Reserve, 1890-1910 by Brittany Luby & Kathryn Labelle
  • Black Female Educators and Resistive Pedagogies, 1960s-1980s by Funke Aladejebi

The Autumn 2014 issue of Ontario History contains the following scholarly work:

  • A Danger and a Nuisance: Regulating the Automobile in Ontario, 1903-1912 by Christopher Los
  • Not Guilty, but Guilty: Race, Rumour, and Respectability in the 1882 Abortion Trial of Letitia Munson by Rebecca Beausaert
  • “Patronage, like Hamlet’s ghost will not down!”: Ontario’s Farmer-Labour Government and Political Patronage, 1919-1923 by Mark Sholdice
  • Turning ‘Space’ into ‘Place’ with Food: Immigrant Women’s Food Narratives in Post-1945 North Bay, Ontario by Jennifer Hough-Evans
  • Upper Canadian Thermidor: The Family Compact & the Counter-revolutionary Atlantic by Denis McKim

*Please note: due to a numbering error, printed copies of this issue are marked as Vol. CVII No. 2; the correct issue number is Vol. CVI No. 2.

The issue contains the following new scholarship:

  • The Fascist-Anti-Fascist Struggle within the Order Sons of Italy of Ontario: 1915-1946 by Angelo Principe
  • Grand Duke Alexis Visits Canada: Public Reception through a Diplomatic Lens by Lee A. Farrow
  • Cast Down, But Not Forsaken: The Second World War Experience and Memory of German-Canadian Lutherans in Southwestern Ontario by Elliot Worsfold
  • An Inspector Calls: Angus Mowat and Ontario’s Rural Libraries, 1937-1940 by Lorne Bruce
  • The Court and the Cataracts: The Creation of the Queen Victoria Niagara Falls Park and the Ontario Court of Appeal by Tyler Wentzell
  • A number of academic book reviews

Autumn 2013 includes four new peer-reviewed articles, eight book reviews and one documentary film review:

  • “We Speak for Those who Cannot Speak for Themselves”: The Toronto Humane Society, 1887-1891 by Kevin Woodger
  • Poetic Justice: Corruption in Lambton County, Canada West, 1854-1858 by Gregory Stott
  • Spittoon Philosophers or Radical Revolutionaries? The Canadian Administration of the Industrial Workers of the World, 1932-35 by Michel S. Beaulieu
  • “A sparkling example of what aggressiveness, imagination, and skill can accomplish” The Rise of Dubreuil Brothers Limited, 1948-1973 by Michael Commito

Spring 2013 includes five new peer-reviewed articles and eight book reviews:

  • Alexander Campbell: The Travails of a Father of Confederation by Ged Martin
  • An Ecological Call to Arms: The Air of Death and the Origins of Environmental Activism in Ontario by Ryan O’Connor
  • What Evil Felled the Duke? A Re-examination of the Death of the 4th Duke of Richmond by Hugh Whitney
  • God & Government: Exploring the Religious Roots of Upper Canadian Political Culture by Denis McKim
  • Women, Marriage and Property in Upper Canada: The Case of Elizabeth Sanders by Guylaine Pétrin.

The Autumn 2012 issue contains the following new scholarship:

  • The Woman Candidate for the Ontario Legislative Assembly, 1919-1929 by Frederick Brent Scollie
  • Knighting Bert: Mackenzie King and Ottawa’s Galahad Statue by Dennis Duffy
  • Married Women and Businesses by Lori Chambers
  • The Rise and Fall of an Ontario Business Dynasty: William Kennedy & Sons and its Successors, 1857-1997 by Keith R. Fleming
  • Number 22 Internment Camp: German Prisoners of War and Canadian Internment Operations in Mimico, Ontario, 1940-1944 by Kirk W. Goodlet
  • A Second Look at Memoryscapes: Community and Deindustrialization in a Different Kind of Industrial Town, Haileybury, Ontario by William Hamilton
  • Trade Goods and Nations in Sagard’s Dictionary: A St. Lawrence Iroquoian Perspective by John Steckley

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