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From Cathay to Canada CoverFrom Cathay to Canada: Chinese Cuisine in Transition

Jo Marie Powers, Editor

The OHS and the School of Hotel and Food Administration at the University of Guelph co-hosted the symposium “From Cathay to Canada: Chinese Cuisine in Transition” on Saturday April 12, 1997, in North York.

This symposium brought together a large and enthusiastic audience from across the province to explore the important influences and contributions that Chinese-Canadians and their foodways have made to Canadian cuisine in the last century.

Enjoy this collection of papers from the symposium exploring Chinese cuisine in Canada.

FORMAT: Digital Download (PDF – scanned from original)

PUBLISHER: The Ontario Historical Society

YEAR: 1998

ISBN: 0919352278

PAGES: 62 (Note: Any blank pages have been deliberately omitted.)

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In Appreciation

Foreword – Dorothy Duncan

Symposium Programme

Introduction – Jo Marie Powers

Chinese Food Traditions – Valerie Mah

Chinese Food in Contemporary Society – Stephen Wong

Dim Sum – Heart’s Delight – Bill Wong

Chinese Ingredients: Both Usual and Unusual – Jacqueline M. Newman

Traditional Cantonese Cooking Techniques – Judy Seto

The Magic of Red Cooking – Ella Yoa

Chinese Food Rites and Rituals – Karen Fan

The Cuisine of Northern China – Huiping Zuo

Vegetarianism Practised by Chinese Buddhist Monks – Rana Chow