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Orillia Museum of Art and History (Virtual): The Black Swamp Gang


Around 1880 the whole of north Simcoe County was terrorized by the Black Swamp Gang who robbed farms and then intimidated the farmers into silence through barn-burnings and other threatened vandalism. The gang had formed around Big Sandy McDuff, the ‘baddest’ of the bad, a gigantic and temperamental Jarratt farmer – a tavern brawler who...

Orillia Museum of Art and History (Virtual): From Virginia to Canada: The Journey of My Black Ancestors (A Black History Month Presentation)


While breaking down his ancestral brick wall, which had him stumped for almost thirty years, Paul Barber, a Caucasian born and raised Canadian, found out that his through his maternal side, the Hendersons, he was part of African-American history. Join us to hear Paul Barber recount the family journey that led him to Orillia where, the...