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Grey County Black Heritage Society Special Memorial Event

June 26


Officials of the Grey County Black Heritage Society (GCBHS) have made that organization’s first public announcement concerning an important event they will host at the Grey Roots Museum & Archives site on Sunday afternoon, June 26, 2022.

The GCBHS was recently approached to consider hosting a promotional event in advance of the Federal Government’s formal apology to the Black soldiers of the No.2 Construction Battalion. The official apology will be given by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Halifax, on July 9th, 2022, in a greatly anticipated ceremony organized jointly by the Department of National Defense and the Black Cultural Centre of Nova Scotia.

Several members of the Grey County Black Heritage Society previously known to Canadian actor/filmmaker, Anthony Sherwood, were contacted to determine interest in hosting an appropriate pre-apology event in Owen Sound. Sherwood is the Chairman of the Committee for the Central Region of Canada for the Federal Government’s Official Apology to the No. 2 Battalion. In this capacity he is responsible for promotional events in Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut. As of this date, several community organizations have expressed interest and commitments have been made for memorial events in Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, Amherstburg, Windsor, Iqaluit, and now Owen Sound.

Dates have already been set for Montreal, Iqaluit, and Owen Sound. Those charged with the planning of the Owen Sound event are thrilled at the prospect of bringing additional recognition to the Port City, and greatly welcome an opportunity to remember and honour those Grey County Black citizens in uniform that have served Canada with distinction.

Early plans call for the participation of well-known local families, including those with historic links to the No.2 Construction Battalion. Invitations to participate are to be extended to area branches of the Royal Canadian Legion and to members of our local regiment the Grey and Simcoe Foresters. Though planning is in the early stage it has been confirmed that Blaine Courtney the well-known former chair of the Owen Sound Emancipation Festival, will be the June 26th event master of ceremonies.

Forthcoming media updates including posts to the (GCBHS) website, can be expected to provide ongoing developments on the June 26th program as it expands and further details finalized. For enquiries contact:

Date: June 26
Address: 102599 Grey Road 18, RR4
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5N6 Canada

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Phone: 519-376-3690