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Toronto Railway Museum Online Lecture: Halifax Explosion and the Role of Railways


On December 6th, 1917 the SS Mont-Blanc collided with the SS Imo in the harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia. What resulted was a devastating explosion that caused many deaths, many more casualties, and the destruction of Halifax itself. This explosion is still regarded as one of the largest human-engineered explosions on record and is an...

Toronto Railway Museum – Free Online Lecture, Laying the Tracks to Victory


Join us for “Laying the Tracks to Victory: Sergeant Biggs and the Canadian Railway Troops of the First World War,” an online lecture on November 16! Did you know that Canada during the 1910s had the best and most experienced trainmen in the world? These Canadian railway professionals were recruited to build & maintain thousands...

Simcoe County Historical Association Presents “The Convoy through a Sailor’s Lens”


Simcoe County Historical Association invites you to attend this special evening to share the memories of WWII as brought to us by the photographs collected by Mark Burchell and his father John. John served with the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserves during World War 2. The photographs tell the story of a sailor going through...

Conférence de la Société d’histoire de Toronto – Le destin d’Inuits du Labrador décédés en France aux XIXe et XXe siècles


En 1880, un Inuk du nord du Labrador, Abraham, accepte une offre de partir pour l’Europe pour une année, avec femme et enfants, afin d’y être exhibés dans des zoos. Il espère ainsi gagner des revenus qui lui permettront d’améliorer le sort de sa famille. Trente-cinq ans plus tard, John Shiwak s’enrôle et devient un...

Historical Society of Ottawa (Virtual): Phyllis Turner Ross: Career Women and Single Mother


Guest speakers: Paul Litt & Christine Jackson, Authors, 'Phyllis Turner Ross: Career Woman and Single Mother', Bytown Pamphlet Series #120 The story of John Napier Turner, Canada's 17th Prime Minister, is well known. Less known is the story of his remarkable mother, Phyllis Gregory Turner Ross, a single mother who came to Ottawa in the...