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Toronto Railway Museum Online Lecture: An Evening with Stephen R. Bown


Join us on Thursday, January 18 for an evening with award-winning author Stephen R. Bown as he discusses his latest book Dominion: The Railway and the Rise of Canada, which tells the gripping and eye-opening account of the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway and how it enabled the nation of Canada. With over 3,000...


Toronto Railway Museum Online Lecture: Halifax Explosion and the Role of Railways


On December 6th, 1917 the SS Mont-Blanc collided with the SS Imo in the harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia. What resulted was a devastating explosion that caused many deaths, many more casualties, and the destruction of Halifax itself. This explosion is still regarded as one of the largest human-engineered explosions on record and is an...

Toronto Railway Museum – Free Online Lecture, Laying the Tracks to Victory


Join us for “Laying the Tracks to Victory: Sergeant Biggs and the Canadian Railway Troops of the First World War,” an online lecture on November 16! Did you know that Canada during the 1910s had the best and most experienced trainmen in the world? These Canadian railway professionals were recruited to build & maintain thousands...