With the slate roof complete and the house guarded from the elements, the Ontario Historical Society's built-heritage management staff have turned their attention to other restoration projects.

In late September, 2016, the OHS contracted Roof Tile Management to begin restoration work on the front steps, composed of eleven solid limestone blocks. Although the limestone steps have not been worked on since their installation in 1913, they remain in excellent condition. The foundation needed to be repaired, but it was also in surprisingly good shape. In fact, the quality of the craftsmanship at John McKenzie House continues to impress heritage restoration architects and tradespeople alike. The building was truly built to last and the Ontario Historical Society is working to ensure that it does!

More recently, the OHS has begun the demolition of the old driveway, which will soon be repaved with asphalt. The rear deck has been repaired and refinished, and the wheelchair ramp is being repaired and upgraded. 

Cracks in the stone steps are repaired and patched as the foundation is re-set.

The OHS thanks the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program and the City of Toronto's Heritage Grants Program for their support of our limestone steps restoration project, and the accessibility upgrades at the John McKenzie House.



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