OHS Launches New Graphic Logo

We are excited to introduce the new OHS logo!

As we dive deeper into an increasingly digital world, the needs of the Society and its membership continue to change. In order to establish a more consistent online presence, the OHS had to update its digital branding. Our historic black-and-white seal will remain an important part of the Society’s communications and branding going forward, but it does not lend itself well to digital communications and design. The OHS needed a logo and branding that could be used in a variety of sizes, layouts, colour schemes, and applications.

The inspiration for this design came from the most fundamental characteristics of the OHS: the geography of Ontario and our long-standing commitment to working with groups from every region of this vast province. The shape of our new logo represents our regional diversity, and the diversity of our local histories within those regions.

These shapes and colours will help OHS staff create exciting and well-branded communications moving forward. The historic seal of the Ontario Historical Society will continue to play an important role for the OHS, while the new logo will help the Society adapt to an increasingly digital landscape and thus, reach as many people as we can.

The OHS Board of Directors selected a design proposal inspired by the map of Ontario.