Letter of Support for the Wolfe Island Historical Society

John Adams, SR/WA
Property Supervisor
Eastern Region, Property Section
Ministry of Transportation
1355 John Counter Blvd.
Kingston, ON, K7L 5A3
Cell: (613) 530-5017
Email: john.adams@ontario.ca

Re: Letter of Support for the Wolfe Island Historical Society

Dear Mr. Adams,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Ontario Historical Society, supporting our affiliate member, the Wolfe Island Historical Society’s request that the historic Briceland House on 1208 Main St., Marysville not be demolished as part of the construction of a new ferry terminal.

The Ontario Historical Society (OHS), founded in 1888, is a not-for-profit corporation and registered charity. The OHS is a non-government group bringing together people of all ages, all walks of life, and all cultural backgrounds interested in preserving and promoting some aspect of Ontario’s history.

The Wolfe Island Historical Society (WIHS) was incorporated as an independent not-for-profit by the OHS in 2006, and has since worked tirelessly to save the built heritage of Wolfe Island, and promote the history of their beautiful part of our province. Since 2009, the WIHS has operated the Old House Museum, housed in Wolfe’s Island’s oldest home. I strongly believe that WIHS would be an excellent partner for the Ministry of Transportation in transforming Briceland House to a museum or similar cultural asset, especially in our current climate when local and provincial tourism is now more valuable than ever. It would be an incalculable loss to the village of Marysville to lose a home of historical significance like Briceland House, especially when the local community is so passionately willing and able to save it.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office at tel: (416) 226-9011 or by e-mail: ohs@ontariohistoricalsociety.ca.

Yours sincerely,

Michel Beaulieu
Ontario Historical Society

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