Unregistered cemeteries have very little protection under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act. These cemeteries may be relocated with the minimum of notice and input from interested parties.

There is very little that can be done to protect burial sites and the dignity of the deceased if their presence is unknown to authorities.

It is important that all known burial locations in Ontario be registered with:

The Cemeteries Regulation Unit, 
Ministry of Business Services,
Place Nouveau, Suite 1500,
5775 Yonge Street,
Toronto, ON M7A 2E5. 
Toll Free: 1.800.889.9768

All cemeteries should also be recorded on the municipality's Official Town Plan. This is particularly important in the case of unmarked burial sites. Interested parties should contact their Municipality's Clerk, or if possible, its heritage planner for more information.

To view a listing of unregistered cemeteries in Ontario, click here.


You Can Help!

Do you have a GPS system? Would you like to assist the Ontario Genealogical Society and The Ontario Historical Society in protecting Ontario’s cemeteries? If you do, then we have the job for you!

The Registrar of Cemeteries requires accurate information to help identify the cemeteries that are not registered. This is what you can do to help. If you pass an entrance to a cemetery in your travels, could you record the GPS location? We are asking you to be especially mindful of the county and township where the cemetery is located. Therefore, when you send the information to the Society, we kindly request that you list the following information:

  • The name of the Cemetery
  • The County in which the cemetery is located, if known (i.e., Durham, Niagara, Carleton etc.)
  • If possible, the Historical township (as listed in the OGS Ontario Cemetery Locator),
  • The street name
  • And of course, the GPS co-ordinates.

Some of our volunteers have advised us that they take the GPS readings at the entrance of the cemetery as this provides the most accurate location information.

To date we know of 12 Riverside Cemeteries around the province, 48 St. John’s Anglican Cemeteries and 11 Zion Cemeteries just to name a few. Don’t worry if you find that a cemetery has been registered. Someone else will have the benefit of your work.

All GPS information you gather may be forwarded to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Travel safely and enjoy the adventure! 


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