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The History of the Saugeen Indians CoverThe History of the Saugeen Indians

by Peter S. Schmalz

This book is based on an M.A. thesis submitted to the University of Waterloo in 1972.

FORMAT: Digital Download (PDF – scanned from original)

PUBLISHER: The Ontario Historical Society

YEAR: 1977

ISBN: n/a

PAGES: 259 (Note: Any blank pages have been deliberately omitted.)

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I Conquest and Settlement

II The Impact of Indian Immigration into the Saugeen

III The Saugeen Indian Land Surrenders

IV The Surrender of the Saugeen Peninsula

V The Newash Surrender and Resettlement

VI The End of the Surrender and the Saugeen Reaction

VII The Saugeen Indian Trust Fund

VIII Reserve Mismanagement

IX Sectarianism at Cape Croker



  • Routes and Battles of the Nation of the Three Fires
  • The Saugeen Lands Before the Surrenders
  • The 1836 and 1851 Surrenders
  • The 1854-1866 Surrenders and ‘Foreign’ Indian Settlers
  • Saugeen Lands in 1972
  • Cape Croker Reserve
  • Indian Presents in 1820
  • Early Indian Affairs Department
  • Indian Affairs Organization Chart 1959
  • Cape Croker Reserve Political Structure
  • Funds Related to the Saugeen Indians

As published:

Peter Schmalz, a native of Kitchener, Ontario, received a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario and an M.A. in History from the University of Waterloo.

He has written book reviews for The History and Social Science Teacher, taught at Queen’s University and established a Ministry of Education course. At present he is an associate teacher of Althouse College and Head of the History Department at Walkerton District Secondary School, Walkerton, Ontario.