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Profiles of a Province CoverProfiles of a Province: Studies in the History of Ontario

Edith G. Firth, Editor

A collection of essays commissioned by The Ontario Historical Society to commemorate the centennial of Ontario

FORMAT: Digital Download (PDF – scanned from original)

PUBLISHER: The Ontario Historical Society

YEAR: 1967

ISBN: n/a

PAGES: 255 (Note: Any blank pages have been deliberately omitted.)

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List of contributors

Part I The Making of a Province

The United Empire Loyalists – J.J. Talman

The Reform Movement in Upper Canada – Fred Coyne Hamil

Upper Canada and the Conservative Tradition – S.F. Wise

The Districts of Upper Canada, 1788-1849 – George W. Spragge

The Anglo-American Magazine Looks at Urban Upper Canada on the Eve of the Railway Era – Frederick H. Armstrong, Neil C. Hultin

The Genesis of Ontario Politics in the Province of Canada (1838-1871) – Paul G. Cornell

Confederation: The Atmosphere of Crisis – C.P. Stacey

Democracy and the Ontario Fathers of Confederation – Bruce W. Hodgins

Edward Blake: A Portrait of His Childhood – Catherine Hume Blake, ed. by Margaret A. Banks

The Mowat Era, 1872-1896: Stability and Progress – A. Margaret Evans

The Ontario Boundary Question – Morris Zaslow

James P. Whitney and the University of Toronto – Charles W. Humphries

The Evolution of a Victorian Liberal: N. W. Rowell – Margaret Prang

That Tory Hepburn – Neil McKenty

Part III Aspects of Ontario’s Economy

An Introduction to the Economic History of Ontario from Outpost to Empire – H.A. Innis

Foundations of the Canadian Oil Industry, 1850-1866 – Edward Phelps

The Impact of Hydro on Ontario – R.N. Beattie

The Changing Patterns of Tourism in Ontario – R.I. Wolfe

Agricultural Settlement on the Canadian Shield: Ottawa River to Georgian Bay – Florence B. Murray

Part IV The Ontario Outlook

The Upper Canadian Religious Tradition – John S. Moir

Educational Leadership in Ontario, 1867-1967 – Robert M. Stamp

Captain Charles Stuart, Abolitionist – Fred Landon

The Old Buildings of Ontario – W.S. Goulding

Landscape Painting in Upper Canada – J. Russell Harper

A Pallid Picture: The Image of Ontario in Modem Literature – William H. Magee