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Consuming Passions: Eating and Drinking Traditions in Ontario CoverConsuming Passions: Eating and Drinking Traditions in Ontario

The Ontario Historical Society hosted the conference “Consuming Passions: Eating and Drinking Traditions in Ontario” at the Radisson Hotel in Ottawa, May 4, 5, 6, 1989.

This conference, marking the 101st anniversary of the founding of The Ontario Historical Society, began with a workshop on researching and interpreting the food traditions of the fur traders and the military.

The formal presentations moved along a historical path – from First Nations, to pioneer settlers, to Victorian excesses and right into the 20th century. Newcomers to Ontario and their contributions to Ontario’s foodways were also explored.

Enjoy 26 papers presented at this conference from contributors including Dorothy Duncan, Glenn J. Lockwood, Dennis Carter-Edwards, Jo Marie Powers, and many others.

FORMAT: Digital Download (PDF – scanned from original)

PUBLISHER: The Ontario Historical Society

YEAR: 1990

ISBN: 0919352073

PAGES: 296 (Note: Any blank pages have been deliberately omitted.)

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Introduction – Dorothy Duncan, Glenn J. Lockwood

Researching and Interpreting Ontario’s Food Traditions: Fur Trader’s Fare – Dorothy Duncan

Researching and Interpreting Ontario’s Food Traditions: Eating on the March – Karen Posner, Diane Feltoe, Richard Feltoe

Eating on the Move – Jeanne Hughes

Supplying Military Posts in Upper Canada – Dennis Carter-Edwards

Provisioning Surveyors and their Crews – Beth Hanna

Surviving on the Homestead – Bev Hykel

Inns and Taverns – Jeanne Hughes

Food Traditions of the French Canadians – Julian Armstrong

The Growth of Agriculture in the Developing Province – Peter Ledwith

The Development of the Cheese Industry – Edward Moore

The Art and Mystery of Brewing in 19th Century Ontario – Ian Bowering

Conspicuous Consumption: Family, Food and Society in Lake 19th Century Ontario – Christina Bates

The Secret Agency of the Upper Canadian Temperance Movement – Glenn J. Lockwood

Additives to Food and Beverages – Jo Marie Powers

The Home Gardener of the 1880’s – Edwinna von Baeyer

Development of Dining Etiquette Indoors and Outdoors – Reva Dolgoy

Our Changing Tastes in Wine – David Diston

Music and Songs Related to Food and Beverages – Glenn J. Lockwood

The 20th Century Brought a Revolution to the Dinner Table – Dorothy Duncan

Marketing Food in a Consumer Society: Early Unit Packaging Technology and Label Design – Robert Burns

The Depression and Its Effects on Ontario’s Food Traditions – Mary Cook

New Arrivals in the 20th Century and Their Food Traditions – Jean Burnet

From Paring Knife to Apple Parer or Changing Mentalities and Kitchen Inventories – Paula Vachon

Domestic Servants in the 20th Century Ontario Kitchen – Marilyn Barber

Food Traditions Alive and Well in 1989 – Anita Stewart

Revival of Earlier Food Traditions in Modern Society – Frits Marechal