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Celebrating One Thousand Years of Ontario's History CoverCelebrating One Thousand Years of Ontario’s History: Proceedings of the Celebrating One Thousand Years of Ontario’s History Symposium

The Ontario Historical Society hosted the Celebrating One Thousand Years of Ontario’s History Symposium in Willowdale, Ontario, April 14, 15, 16, 2000.

A portion of the programme was devoted to the participants who responded to a Call for Papers. The response was excellent and the topics ranged over several centuries, stretched to the province’s boundaries and beyond, and encompassed many aspects of Ontario’s rich history.

FORMAT: Digital Download (PDF – scanned from original)

PUBLISHER: The Ontario Historical Society

YEAR: 2000

ISBN: 0919352375

PAGES: 306 (Note: Any blank pages have been deliberately omitted.)

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Preface – Dorothy Duncan

Welcome and Introduction – Jeanne Hughes

Greetings from the Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation, The Honourable Helen Johns

The World One Thousand Years Ago – Ivana Elbl

From First Nations to Newcomers: A Land in Transition

History of the Mississaugas of the Credit – Margaret Sault

The Land and I Are One – Esther Osche

Lives in Transition: Dynamic Responses to a New Socio-Economic Landscape ca. 1000 AD to Contact – Lisa Rankin

Aboriginal Population Movements in Southern Ontario, 1600-1800: A Historian’s Perspective – Carl Benn

The Middle Ground: The Formation of a Frontier Society (summary) – Douglas Leighton

From the Beginning……

Norsemen in Pre-Columbian Ontario? Or Not? – Joan Vastokas

The Quest for Gandy: Rediscovering a Cultural Crossroads on the North Shore of Lake Ontario – Torn Mohr

Ontario’s Loyalist Founders: Military Settlers – Mary Beacock Fryer

Changing Worlds: Loyalist Settlement in Quebec’s “Upper Country” – Barbara Snyder

Elihu Pease: A Newcomer to the North York Area – Louis Badone

In Search of A.B.’s Kitchen – Christine Ritsma

Adventures in “Mockland” – Carolyn J. Blackstock

Anna Jameson and The First Nations: Fiction Versus Fact – Duncan C. McKillop, L. Jane Hughes

From Babies to Battlegrounds

A Difference of Perspective: Blacks, Whites, and Separate Schools in Late Nineteenth Century Ontario – Colin McFarquhar

Home Children and Child Migration: A Suppressed Chapter in Canadian History? – David Lorente

Mistresses and Merchants: Women in the Upper Canadian Market Place – E. Jane Errington

“Nothing More or Less than Devils”: Women of the Naval and Military Establishments in Upper Canada –Kelly Nesbitt

The Great Disruption: Toronto, Canada West and the American Civil War – Eric Jarvis

“To the Station! To the Station!” Toronto Citizens and the Final Year of The Great War – Ian Miller

“If we fail in Ontario… I for one shall give up the fight in despair”: A Short History of Ontario as the Principal Battleground in Federal Elections – Kurt Peacock

Interpreting and Preserving History

A Poetic Journey Through 1000 Years at Pawating: The Meeting Place – Bruce W. Bedell

Relevant to 2000? The Experience of James Austin – Douglas Fyfe

Architecture Honouring the Dead – Jennifer McKendry

Fothergill, Barnett and Smith: Museum Makers, Overlooked But Not Forgotten – John C. Carter

The Tobourn Headframe (summary) – Lydia Ross Alexander

Fifty Years in the Trenches of History – Gerry Boyce

Interpreting Ontario’s History in a National Museum: the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Experience – Paul Robertson

The St. Thomas’ Church Cemetery Project, Belleville Ontario – Gerry Boyce, Ann Herring, Shelly Saunders, Larry Sawchuck

Towards a Modern Ontario

John Graves Simcoe, The Birth of Modern Ontario, and the Frontier Crisis of the 1790s – Carl Benn

The History of Agricultural Societies and Fairs in Ontario, 1792-1992 – Guy Scott

Inheritance Practices in Rural Erin Township, Wellington County, Ontario, 1835-1900 (summary) – Johannes I. Bakker

The Influence of the Welland Canal on Today’s Niagara Peninsula – Roberta M. Styran, Robert R. Taylor

The Twentieth Plane Controversy: A Chapter in the History of Ontario Spiritualism – Stan McMullin

“Toronto has come to be known as a philanthropic city.” Toronto Philanthropists and Their Philanthropies After the Turn of the Century – Thomas Adam

From Berlin to the Trek of the Conestoga: A Revisionist Approach to Waterloo County’s German Identity (summary) – Geoffrey Hayes

Stock Market: Toronto Junction Style – Diana Fancher

Teaching Gender to Junior Farmers: Ontario Agricultural Cartoons for Youth in the 1950s – Linda M. Ambrose

“The Special Needs of Women’s Education”: Controversy at the University of Toronto, 1884-1909 – Sara Z. Burke

Youth and Citizenship: The Extracurriculum in Ontario High Schools, 1920-1940 – Cynthia R. Comacchio

“Where is Patrick Dundon?” Emigration and Recreating Families and Communities in Ontario – E. Jane Errington

Ontarians Who Have Changed the World: Banting and Osler (summary) – Michael Bliss

Symposium Summary – Frank Bartoszek