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Bishop Alexander MacDonell CoverBishop Alexander Macdonell and the Politics of Upper Canada

by J.E. Rea

Alexander Macdonell (1762-1840) was the first Catholic Bishop for Upper Canada.

Macdonell did not hold executive or administrative office in Upper Canada. He is, therefore, much less familiar than John Strachan or Egerton Ryerson, the two other leading churchmen of the period.

There is now, however, ample evidence to suggest that the Bishop played a not insignificant role in moulding the policy and values of the province.

This publication was written originally as a doctoral thesis at Queen’s University.


FORMAT: Digital Download (PDF – scanned from original)

PUBLISHER: The Ontario Historical Society

YEAR: 1974

ISBN: n/a

PAGES: 227 (Note: Any blank pages have been deliberately omitted.)

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Years of Preparation

Sinking Roots

The Maitland Years

Colborne: The First Phase

The Challenge of Reform

On the Barricades



As published:

James Edgar Rea was born in Kingston, Ontario and attended the University of Manitoba and Queen’s University after serving for six years as a Flying Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

He has published a number of articles on Upper Canadian and Western Canadian history and The Winnipeg General Strike (Toronto, 1973).

He is presently Associate Professor of History at the University of Manitoba.