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A Few Old Barns CoverA Few Old Barns

By George W.J. Duncan

In the field of heritage conservation in Ontario, the topic of barns and their preservation is at the forefront of people’s interest. There is a sense of urgency to act before it is too late to recognize and preserve this important aspect of our social, economic, and architectural heritage within the context of accelerating change.

As our cities grow and the business of farming continues to evolve into a large-scale corporate enterprise, only a few old barns will remain as monuments to our agricultural heritage.

A Few Old Barns, originally published in 2007, has been updated and reissued by The OHS in 2019, coinciding with the incorporation through affiliation with The OHS of a new not-for-profit corporation, Ontario Barn Preservation.

Enjoy this charming book featuring over 20 original drawings by George W.J. Duncan, Senior Heritage Planner for the City of Markham, Ontario.


FORMAT: Digital Download (PDF)

PUBLISHER: The Ontario Historical Society

YEAR: 2019

ISBN: 9781999242619


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Preface to the 2019 Edition


Nostalgia for Barns

The Barn as Art

Barns with a Story to Tell

The Barn Roof as a Distinguishing Feature

The Red Barn

The Evolution of Barns

Posts, Beams, Mortises & Tenons

Barn Embellishments

To Ward Off Fire

Vanishing Heritage

Barn Preservation

Sources and Suggested Reading

To Help Preserve and Promote Ontario’s Barns

About the Author

George Duncan, a member of The Ontario Historical Society, characterizes himself as “a student of early Ontario architecture.” His main area of interest is the documentation of historic structures.

He has worked in the field of heritage conservation from the early 1980s to the present, currently serving as Senior Heritage Planner for the City of Markham