A Tribute to Jane Beecroft (1932-2021)

A Tribute to Jane Beecroft (1932-2021)

Photo: Jane Beecroft, Community History Project (CHP), is seen here with her cousin Doug Beecroft, Legislative Counsel, Government of Ontario (OHS Bulletin, June 2007, issue #160, pg. 4).

The OHS remembers Eleanor Jane Beecroft, September 16, 1932 – October 11, 2021

On behalf of The Ontario Historical Society (OHS) and its grassroots membership across Ontario, I send our deepest condolences to Jane’s family, her colleagues and friends. We have all lost a fearless and relentless heritage Champion.

The OHS proudly salutes a Life Member and dedicated donor to the Society’s Cemetery Defence Fund.

Jane passionately supported the OHS when it appealed on numerous occasions to Provincial Tribunals the Government of Ontario’s Orders that it was somehow in the “public interest” to dig up and move cemeteries and sacred burial grounds for real estate development. She pushed us all to stand up and fight and never be complacent.

The OHS awarded her a History of Ontario’s Peoples grant to develop and display the history of the Irish in Toronto.

She was founding President of the Community History Project, Tollkeeper’s Cottage Museum in Toronto, which OHS incorporated on June 12, 1987. See article below.

I shall never forget in 1989 Jane driving me out in her ancient van packed to the brim with books that OHS was donating to the new library at the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

Jane taught by endless examples and through smiling generosity. We fondly remember you Jane and will not forget. In fact, how could you ever possibly forget Jane!

Rob Leverty
Executive Director
The Ontario Historical Society


2007 June OHS Bulletin, Rare Tollkeeper's Cottage a Community Keeper

Source: OHS Bulletin, June 2007, issue #160, pg. 4